'Priest' Star Maggie Q Kicks Our Butt


In the world of Scott Stewart's Priest, it is not just the men who are holy.  In the post-apocalyptic world of beasts and vampires, based on the graphic novel by Min-Woo Hyung, Priestess kicks just as much ass as Priest.  We chatted with professional ass-kicker Maggie Q about vampires and who would win in a fight between Priestess and Nikita.

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Can you tell us about your character?

I am the only female priest in the film, but you do see others in a flashback.  That is the look - all the priests have that look, with that brand on their foreheads, and no names.  They're soldiers.  They've sacrificed a lot.  People always ask me how there are female priests.  In this world, they are.  [Director] Scott Stewart says it is really an alternate world.  It's not this world's church.

Who would win in a fight between your Priestess character and Nikita?

Well, the priests have been given "heightened abilities."  Touched by the hand of god.  They're not superheroes.  Priestess has a gift.  Nikita has had to earn her gifts.Are you a fan of vampire movies?


I wouldn't say I'm a fan per se.  I know that there are vampires in our film, and we are kind of painted as a vampire film, but when I think about Priest, making the film, reading the script... the word "vampire" was never in my head.  It was never about that.  There is a lot of symbolism in this movie, a lot of parallels we draw, and yes there are creatures instead of people with [fangs].  For me, it is always story first.  Scott is such a great storyteller, and he will sell you on visuals.  I don't really see this film as a vampire film.  I don't even really see it as an action film.  I see it as a drama. 

Can you talk about the relationship between your character and Paul Bettany's character?

I think my character has been a priest longer than Paul's character.  She was found as a child.  Because of the vows they take, she does love this man who had a love that wasn't her.  That doesn't exist anymore.  I don't know if Priestess wants to be with him as much as she wants to be loved by him. He was her comrade. They are connected in a different way.  I think women will really get it.  We emote on a completely different level.