Robert Rodriguez and Adrien Brody on the Sequel to 'Predators'


After today's screening of Predators on the Twentieth Century Fox lot here in Los Angeles, I sat down with a group of my fellow journos and spoke with Robert Rodriguez and Adrien Brody about how the film came to be. And I made sure to ask about the possibility of a sequel. Find out what I learned from both men about a follow-up film, and what title Rodriguez would probably give it, after the jump.

Warning: The following contains spoilers. Proceed with caution.  

Rodriguez commented on how he'd considered ask Arnold Schwarzenegger to reprise his role from the original Predator in a cameo; but he finally decided against it. Rodriguez hinted, however, that Arnie could return in the next sequel.

"It was gonna be a non-starter," said Rodriguez, "so we thought, ‘Let's just make a really great movie; and if it's received well, and if people want a sequel, then maybe for the sequel we'll ask him for a cameo or something.'"

As for the title of the potential sequel, Rodriguez remarked, "I didn't reference any of the later pictures because when I originally wrote this those didn't exist. I was writing this always as a sequel. In fact, Predator 2 had come out, but they didn't want to go that direction. They wanted to bring Arnold back. So when I wrote Predators it was to forget that even Predator 2 was made. I thought, ‘What Aliens is to Alien, that's what Predators is to Predator. So I'll just tie these two together, so all you'll have to do is watch Predator and Predators, and you'll have a little complete thing.' So yeah, what would the third one be if there was a third one? It'd be Predator 3 I guess… Predators 2… No, I don't know. Predators with a subtitle."

When I asked Brody if he'd be interested in returning for a sequel, and where he'd like to see his battle-hardened character Royce go, he replied, "I think a lot of that is determined by the success of the film. And I don't think that far ahead. The idea of reprising the role and going farther into that character is interesting to me… It would be exciting to watch a character progress or deteriorate. That's exciting for an actor. I thoroughly enjoyed playing Royce. Again, part of the attraction is I'm oddly drawn to material that affects me on an emotional level, and characters that are dealing with things that are challenging that I would question, that I'm not so familiar with. Royce has his emotional arc in this that most of the characters I've played don't come close to possessing. That's an interesting thing to cultivate."