We Visit the Set of ‘Lost Girl'


On SyFy's latest hit series Lost Girl, Bo (Being Erica's Anna Silk) is anything but normal. As a teenager, Bo experienced heightened sexual urges, and, through a tragedy involving a boyfriend, discovered she could literally suck the life force out of someone. Turns out she's a succubus, bi-sexual, and a member of the Fae, a world of supernatural beings divided into light and dark. Unwilling to choose a side, Bo has remained with the humans to protect them from any unnatural threats that may cross over.

Today on the Toronto set, Bo is busy getting it on with a dark fae, as opposed to squaring off against one. Well, at least off-screen they are, anyway.  Right now, Bo's human best friend and roommate Kenzi (Locke and Key's Ksenia Solo), along with her new musician boyfriend Nate (Smallville's Aaron Ashmore), have entered the apartment and interrupted the late-night shagging. Such steamy antics are par for the course on Lost Girl, and Silk, who laughs at the fact this interview is being conducted while she's simply wearing a robe, was well aware what was in store for her when she signed on.

"When you get a script and read the tagline is about a succubus who heals herself through sex, you know it raises an eyebrow," smiles Silk. "But then I read the pilot, and it was created so brilliantly by Michelle Lovretta and Jay Firestone. They created this character who uses her sexuality and it's something that is powerful. It wasn't just something that happened on the side. It's who and what she is. Bo has to deal with that and sometimes, it isn't easy."

Indeed, despite Bo's heroic tendencies, it's not like she immediately embraced her succubus nature.

"The biggest fear for Bo is she can kill someone by kissing them or having sex with them, and she has," explains executive producer Firestone. "Her basic urges can kill. If she feeds her urges without controlling it, she kills. Bo will lust after people and has a lot of passion, but she has to handle it in a way that won't hurt anyone. When we get to the sexuality of our lead character, it's a very natural part of our show. One of the reasons it works is we're not playing up sex. It's not a show about sex. It's about how sex is just a normal urge. Bo has sex with men, women and friends, but she does it in a way that is very inherent to the story, that's not taken lightly and is very natural. It doesn't come across as if we just stuck it in or is gratuitous."

Every week, while grappling with those desires and her heritage, Bo encounters some dark fae nasty that complicates matters and is up to no good.

"The fae in our world feed on humans in some way," says Silk. "It's very tangible to think about. It's very immediate in our world which makes it that much creepier. I'm always impressed by the writers' cool ideas. It's also based in real mythology. And what does Bo think of her clan? As people will learn very early on, she doesn't really have a clan. In fact, that's in our first episode. She has very strong feelings and opinions about the fae world, the light and dark fae, and the powers around that."

Nonetheless, Bo is still keeping some very extraordinary company these days. She hangs out at The Dal Riata, a pub owned by a powerful fae named Trick (Tin Man's Richard Howland), who harbors a big secret and is capable of altering fate by writing in his own blood. Then there's Dyson (The Tudors' Kris Holden-Ried), a wolf-shifter and detective in the human world who arrested Bo in the pilot and now shares an intimate connection with her.

"In the beginning, Bo doesn't even know her own powers; she's an amateur succubus," notes Holden-Ried. "Dyson heals her with his sexual energy, or his chi. Later on, she can just take it from people. Any good character needs an emotional arc, so it was really nice to work through that with Anna and the writers. Against his better judgment, he's falling in love."

As a warrior with a past, getting into Dyson's headspace took some special preparation.

"I started with some pretty physical work and trying to figure out how this guy would live," reports Holden-Ried. "It just kept building. I would watch what other actors would be doing and bring that in. In the end, it was a lot of physical energy work. I've done tai chi, yoga and different sorts of martial arts. There are different methods of getting the blood and energy up. Then there's also knowledge, experience, sadness, tragedy and bringing those things in. He doesn't have the flyboy attitude. He's gone through centuries of good times and bad. That mentality needed to resonate."

With our time winding down and Silk being beckoned back to set, she quickly reviewed a few of her favorite moments and touched on the strange menaces Bo bumps into.

"In the first season, I loved episode 8 where I have a mega-fight in a bathtub with a creature called a Mattock," explains Silk. "She was an intense, 5'10 woman with head-to-toe muscle. I loved sword fighting with the headless man. He couldn't see very well, but the sword was still perfectly timed. In episode 3, there's a character who crawls out of the water. It's a Kappa. He was slippery and I had to fight him in water. I get to meet all types of weird people and creatures."