10 Local Halloween Ads That Will Make You Shriek (with Laughter)


Whenever I travel, I love seeing local commercials. They are normally created by people with zero filmmaking experience with virtually no money. The results are often adorably hilarious. IFC even used to have a docu-reality show about a couple of guys who made epic local commercials. In honor of Halloween, I have culled the interwebz for some of the oddest Halloween-themed local commercials. 


This is one of my favorites, from Montana in 2005. Check out those slick special effects!


Another car ad in Indianapolis from 2008.


As if going to the dentist wasn't scary enough, this Massachussetts dentist thought it would be fun to add some Halloween hijinx into the mix.


2001, Chicago carpet company (though I swear I have seen the same commercial in Los Angeles)


Short, sweet, to-the-point ad for an Illinois furniture store.


This pizza joint has most of its locations in Michigan. The poster of this video swears it comes from 2011, which is a touch disturbing.


West Virginia costume shop, 2006


Even the strip clubs get in on the Halloween advertising. Too bad we don't get a peek at the costumes. Kansas, 2009


Don't let the zombies starve!


Fascinatingly bad Halloween PSA, date and location unknown.