10 More Must-Own Horror Toys


Last month we took a look at 10 must-own horror toys, and this week we add to that list with another 10 that no horror fan’s collection should be without. So let’s get right to it, shall we?!

Psycho McFarlane

Given how iconic he is in the world of horror, it’s quite surprising that only two companies have ever released a toy of Norman Bates. The first of those companies was McFarlane, which added the ultimate momma’s boy to Series 2 of their Movie Maniacs line, back in 1999. A major spoiler for anyone who hadn’t seen Psycho and had been living under a rock, the toy came with a removable wig and essentially depicted both Norman Bates and ‘mother,’ based on the infamous shower stabbing scene. These typically sell for around $10-20, but can oftentimes be found for even cheaper.

More recently, Mezco released a Psycho-inspired Living Dead Dolls two pack, featuring Norman and Marion Crane, and later this year they’ll be putting out a roto-plush doll of Mrs. Bates’ corpse. Nice to see Psycho finally getting some love, on the toy front!

Candyman McFarlane

Another iconic horror villain that’s gotten very little respect in the world of collectibles is Candyman, whose first and only figure was a part of Movie Maniacs Series 2, released in October of 2001. Oddly enough, the figure was based on the second sequel in the franchise, Day of the Dead, which came out just a couple years prior. You’ll find a ton of these over on eBay, selling for around $10 each.

Toxic Avenger toy

Much like Movie Maniacs, SOTA Toys’ Now Playing line is another line of toys that I’m still mourning the loss of. Many characters saw release under the Now Playing banner that had never been given toys in the past, and Troma’s monster hero Toxic Avenger is one of those characters, which was a part of the inaugural series of the line. True, several toys were made of Citizen Toxie for the Playmates Toxic Crusaders line, based on the spin-off cartoon, but this was the first and to date only figure released of Toxie that was based on Troma’s much less kid-friendly movie. You don’t often come across these, but you can snatch one up on eBay for about $40. And keep your eyes peeled for the glow-in-the-dark variant!

Pumpkinhead toy

In conjunction with the release of Now Playing Series 3, SOTA also put out this mega-scale figure of Pumpkinhead. The toy dwarfed McFarlane’s previously released figure of the vengeance demon, standing an impressive 20” tall. These were expensive at the time and they’ve more than doubled in price since their original release, now selling for upwards of $150. If you’re looking to spend a whole lot less, the Movie Maniacs Series 2 Pumpkinhead Is the way to go, and you’ll have yourself an awesome figure without breaking the bank.

Cloverfield Hasbro

One of the most valuable horror collectibles on the market is this massive Cloverfield action figure, released by Hasbro back in 2008, in conjunction with the found footage monster movie. It was made available exclusively on the company’s website, and it wasn’t surprising in the least that it sold out almost immediately. Standing 14” tall and equipped with an electronic roaring sound, the Cloverfield monster came with a bunch of mini-monster parasites, the decapitated head of the Statue of Liberty and one seriously cool box, which served as a New York City display diorama. When you can find them, these typically sell for at least $200, oftentimes way more than that.

Bub Day of the Dead

Zombies don’t get any more loveable than Day of the Dead’s Bub, who was interested in more than chomping down on brains and ripping out the guts of the people that he used to be just like. Toy company Amok Time added Bub to their Monstarz line a couple years back, a fully articulated 7.5” action figure that included a display environment. Along with Amok’s Dr. Tongue figure, also from Day of the Dead, Bub is still currently in production and available over on their website, selling for a mere $21.99.

The Beyond Cult Collectibles

One of the more unique horror collectibles we’ve ever seen is this bobblehead from Cult Collectibles, based on Lucio Fulci’s 1981 gore classic The Beyond. Remember that scene where a little girl gets her face shot clean off, after becoming possessed? It’s one of the goriest scenes in the movie, and this ‘weird wobbler’ immortalizes that gruesome moment. It’s billed as the world’s first bobblehead with a removable face, and the possessed little girl’s face is indeed attached by a magnet, which can be removed to expose an empty space where her face used to be – just like in the movie! These were limited to only 1,000 pieces and are still available from the Cult Collectibles website, for $16.95 each.

Hellraiser NECA

After releasing three series' of Hellraiser figures, which included Pinhead, Frank and various Cenobites, NECA put out this Cenobite Lair box set in 2005, which was exclusive to Spencer Gifts. Limited to only 2,500 sets, this bad boy is hands down the most must-own Hellraiser toy out there, including Pinhead, the three most well-known Cenobites (Chatterer, Butterball and the ‘Female Cenobite’) and an awesome display diorama – complete with hanging chains and dangling bits of human flesh and meat. These sets are going to run you at least $100, and you’ll be lucky if you can find one for that cheap.

Lost Boys NECA

Though I’m still bummed that we’ve never gotten toys of the Frog Brothers, I do take a lot of comfort in the fact that NECA gave both Michael and David the action figure treatment, in Series 6 of their Cult Classics line. Though fans of The Lost Boys should by all means buy both, it’s the David figure that I personally prefer, which came with an alternate head and all sorts of little accessories. You can easily find him on eBay for less than $20.

Hannibal NECA

NECA has released a few different Hannibal Lecter figures over the years, including one strapped down to a hand-truck and another wielding a nightstick, in white prison attire. They’re both really cool figures, but they also both pale in comparison to this 18” upgrade, released in 2007. This right here is the be-all, end-all Hannibal figure, featuring a removable muzzle and even motion-activated sound. When provoked, Hannibal spouts lines of dialogue from Silence of the Lambs, including “Good evening, Clarice” and of course, the iconic line about eating a liver with fava beans and a nice Chianti. This incredible display piece will run you anywhere from $50-100.

If you can think of any other horror toys that all of us fans should own, which weren’t included on this list or the first part, drop us a comment below!