Creepy Confections and Morbid Treats


It seems as though creepy confections, sinister party favors, and the like are hurtling to an all time high in popularity; for example: Martha Stewart is providing step by step instructions on how to make a variety of disgusting looking but totally edible accouterments. With the extreme success of shows like The Walking Dead, it seems as though a lot of people who were once put off by the macabre are now embracing it. This probably leaves most diehard horror fans indifferent, but the potential plus side to more mainstream attention being paid to the morbid is that there are more ideas floating around sites like Pinterest for creepy hors d'oeuvre and such.

So, if you dig creepy confections, evil entrées, or nasty nibblies, have a look at these outstanding examples below!

Dexter Red Velvet Cupcake with Broken Glass

These bloody cupcakes from New York’s Magnolia Bakery are a brilliant idea. Creating the translucent look of the glass by taking the caramel off the heat source before it browns is genius. These cupcakes are just as delicious as they are awesome.

Ladies’ Fingers

These ladyfingers are a literal interpretation of their namesake. As curious as the idea is, they look absolutely delicious. And since the recipe is by Martha Stewart, they are probably perfect in every way.

Source: Martha Stewart

Bloody Brain Cake

This concept is realistic looking enough that I think I would probably be inclined to eat it with my eyes closed. Nonetheless, it a perfectly brilliant idea. And if you can get past the fact that you are eating a cake in the likeness of a bloody brain, then you will most likely enjoy this creative confection!


Meat Hand

The mastermind behind this recipe put a lot of work in to coming up with the perfect process for making an edible severed hand and their hard work has paid off. The resulting entrée is something of bewonderment. I have never really been a meatloaf fan but I can safely say that wouldn’t stop me from giving this awesome creation a shot.  

Source: Not Martha

Zombie Pops with Cake Brain

These cake pops are damn cute. Cake on a stick has become so popular that even giant coffee conglomerate Starbucks has taken to carrying it. But you wont find these kick-ass brain cake filled zombie pops at the world’s most notorious coffee dispensary. You can find the recipe below to make your own, though.

Source: Cake Journal

Eyeball Highball

Whether you plan to host a macabre themed cocktail party or just want to stay home alone and drink to forget, here is a great recipe for you. The Eyeball Highball is somewhat out of the ordinary but provides a fun spin on the classic cocktail recipe. This is another Martha Stewart creation so don’t screw it up.

Source: Martha Stewart


If you like your pizza with a bit of evil about it, then The PizzaNomicon will be right up your alley! This masterful creation makes for a perfect meal to serve up alongside an Evil Dead marathon.

Eyeball Jell-O Shots

These Jell-O shots are perfect for the slightly morbid alcohol enthusiast in your life. While these shots are a touch more labor intensive than the standard Jell-O shot, the payoff is more than worth the time investment!

Source: My Science Project

Bloody Brownies

These absolutely spectacular looking red velvet brownies are just as delicious as they are morbid. The red velvet/bloody spin on the standard brownie formula is approximately delicious.  

Source: Cupcakes and Cashmere