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News Article

‘American McGee’s Grimm’ Returns to PCs via Steam


Shortly after winning gamers’ dark hearts with Alice, game designer American McGee decided to keep on corrupting childhood memories with Grimm, starring a rotund wretch named Grimm (natch) that sought to restore fairy tales back to their morbid roots.  It was one of the few reasons I had a subscription to Gametap back in the day, as well as one of my earliest game reviews.  Nostalgia!

Now, thanks to the democratic wonders of Steam Greenlight, which allows self-published titles to be voted into Valve’s PC distribution platform, American McGee’s Grimm is now available for 99 cents for each of its 23 episodes…or 10 bucks for the complete series.  That’s an…interesting pricing model to say the least.

American McGee’s Grimm is available now on Steam.