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News Article

‘Iron Man’ Set to Blast Superbowl!!!


If you weren’t looking forward to the Super Bowl, you may want to change your twisted little mind and break out the chips, dip and big-screen TV—on February 3rd, during the big game, you’ll want to catch the first Iron Man TV spot! But if you don’t want to sit there for four hours, sifting through unwanted TV commercials to catch a glimpse of Robert Downey Jr. in full red-and-gold armor, you can also go online! After the TV spot airs, the same spot will be featured online at any of the major online Super Bowl ad polls, on the Iron Man MySpace profile or on, where ads will show the spot and direct fans to the Iron Man website to enter giveaway contests and score some downloads.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

“Paramount Pictures is using its ad spending to promote the May release of superhero film "Iron Man." People who watch the game on TV will see a commercial for the movie. People who visit any of the major online Super Bowl ad polls will also see the spot. Visitors to MySpace can see an Iron Man profile on the site. And if people search for terms related to Iron Man on Google, it will turn up there as well. On, ads will show the TV spot and prompt visitors to go to the "Iron Man" Web site to register for downloads and giveaways.”

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