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News Article

‘Mass Effect 3’ Suits You in ‘Dead Space 3’



EA loves cross-promoting their big-time titles with little bits of tasty DLC that injects their franchises into one another.  This trend continues in Dead Space 3, which gives Mass Effect 3 players a little something extra for their time and money: a suit of special N7 armor.  Check out the trailer after the break!

So Isaac Clarke and bromantic interest John Carver will now—for one reason or another—have the option to don N7-themed armor just like Commander Sheperd from the Mass Effect series, as long as you’ve got a save file on your hard drive from Mass Effect 3.  No words what special buffs or stats the Mass Effect armor will sport…hopefully it won’t bring a crappy ending to the Dead Space trilogy!  Hey-oh!

Dead Space 3 will release on February 5th for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC.