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News Article

‘Saw’ Games Begin Again!!


Jigsaw wasn’t lying when he said the games have just begun! recently reported that a Saw video game, based on the blockbuster genre series, is indeed in the works! Using actual Saw movie plotlines, filmmakers and developers plan to work closely together to ensure the game represents what makes Saw so damn appealing. You can expect to see Saw the video game available on PS3 and Xbox 360, and since October has become the month of Saw, it’s only right that the videogame modeled after the franchise will hit store shelves in October 2009!

The news broke at a recent Brash Entertainment press conference through a cleverly constructed teaser trailer in which Jigsaw questioned the lives of game journalists who idly waste their lives in the industry. Good thing for horror journos—who can once more escape Jigsaw’s trap and idly waste their lives waiting for the Saw video game in 09!