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‘Slender: The Arrival’ Coming to Consoles


The Slender Man is a peculiar phenomenon: a completely manufactured urban legend borne out of the Something Awful forums in 2009, the black-suited wraith has pretty much taken the internet by storm, showing up in films, creepypasta fiction, and a few video games.  The most famous of these, Slender, has been the subject of many a shriek-filled YouTube video as players try and collect 8 sheets of paper before they’re hunted down by Slender Man, who pops up out of nowhere like a waifish Jason Voorhees.

That formula was honed late last year by developer Blue Isle Studios, who teamed up with original Slender Man creator Eric Knudson to tighten up the formula with Slender: The Arrival, which offered plenty of new environments for the malicious meme to hunt you down in.  Midnight City, the new indie label founded by Majesco Entertainment, has announced that they will be bringing this new vision of Slender-based terror to Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 in Q1 2014.

The console release will feature the same gameplay and features of its PC brethren, but with two new levels that will place players “in the shoes of Slender Man’s victims.”  Yeesh.  These new levels will be issued as an update for the PC version on Steam following the game’s console release.

Slender: The Arrival will be released on Playstation Network and Xbox Live Arcade in Q1 2014 for $9.99.