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News Article

‘Until Dawn’ Trailer Touts Teens and Terror




Gamescom, Germany’s annual gaming conference, has been rife with delicious details for titles both known and new.  One such surprise was Sony’s reveal of Until Dawn, a slasher-themed title for the Playstation Move that looks to hearken back to the Reagan era of horror, blending together sex and psychos in a familiar formula.

There really aren’t many details attached to the trailer from G4, except that seven teenagers are staying at a remote mountain cabin on the anniversary of their friend’s mysterious death.  Of course, a remote cabin populated by teenagers is always a sure-fire formula for murder and mayhem, and Until Dawn looks to deliver on that promise, with screams, gore, and a psychopath with a questionable taste in headgear.

Of course, the slasher films that Until Dawn is emulating were never really known for a cast of likable characters, so it remains to see if you’ll actually care enough to preserve these characters, or if you’ll intentionally lead them to their demises for the cathartic payoff.  We’ll keep you posted on further details.