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News Article

24 Hours of 'Trick 'R Treat'


This Halloween, FEARnet's got a treat and a trick for you. The treat? 24 hours of Trick 'R Treat, in full HD, for the first time on commercial television.

Writer/director Michael Dougherty's film is an instant classic in the spirit of the Hammer Horror anthologies or, closer to home, George Romero's Creepshow. But don't take our word for it: it's got a glowing 85% approval rating at, and our own critic Scott Weinberg called it, "a love letter to anyone who enjoys the playfully creepy Halloween season." Plus it's got a phenomenal cast, led by Anna Paquin (True Blood), Dylan Baker (Revolutionary Road) and Brian Cox (The Bourne Supremacy).

Set in a suburban town on Halloween night, it offers for intertwined tales that show what can happen when you break the night's four cardinal rules. Don't know the rules? Don't worry. We've got an exclusive video of Dougherty explaining them after the jump plus a gallery of behind-the-scenes pics from the movie shoot.

As for the trick?  Read on...

Trick 'R Treat is the perfect film for Halloween, so we're showing it all day and all night.

Now here's the trick: FEARnet's horror HD movie channel debuts at midnight this Saturday night. While we expect to announce some major distribution deals soon, hardly anyone will see the channel at launch.  So the odds of you being able to watch us this weekend are very, very low.

We're working with all the major TV providers to get FEARnet HD added to their channel lineups and we need your help. Call 877-FEAR-247 and we'll make sure your voice is heard so you won't miss next year's Trick 'R Treat marathon.

Watch the 24 hour Trick 'R Treat marathon beginning at 6am ET on FEARnet HD...if you can!