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News Article

30 Second Bunnies - 'The Human Centipede'


Brace yourselves, our devoted and faithful FEARnet followers! We're got a little something special for you. Since 'The Human Centipede' will be debuting on our network on Thanksgiving night, we thought it'd only fitting to celebrate with a brand new 'The Human Centipede' 30 Second Bunnies! Seeing is believing, fiends.


Gather your friends and loved ones around the TV on this Thanksgiving for the broadcast premiere of HUMAN CENTIPEDE at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT. One of the most infamous films to ever emerge from the genre, shocking audiences worldwide with its disturbing subject matter, HUMAN CENTIPEDE is the twisted tale of a retired surgeon (Dieter Laser) who dreams of creating a scientific abomination. His dream becomes a reality—with unsettling consequences—in this body horror shocker that claims to be "100% medically accurate." Read Scott Weinberg's original FEARnet review for 'The Human Centipede.' Need FEARnet? Get FEARnet.