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News Article

8 Bit Games - Fulci’s Gateway to Hell


The Hacktivision guys (Doc Terror, artist Frank Browning, and musician Sean O'Connor) are at it again.  The team that brought you Friday the 13th LivesZombie, and Demons is back, this time with trio of faux 8 bit games you are going to wish were real.

The 3 games come from the Italian Godfather of Gore, Luci Fulci;  CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD, THE BEYOND, and HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY.  Here is the trailer:


The idea for this trilogy (if it were real) would be you could purchase each game individual and enjoy it as such, but if you wanted the full experience, all three would be available in a limited edition package.  Why would you want all three?  Because the games are stackable, allowing for variations on game play that incorporate all three games.  

Also, there would be a slew of cameos

Head on over to Doc Terror's blog for more on these games, including their individual synopsis and game play rules.

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