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The Accused Bring the Splatter in 'Hemline'

"Splatter rock" thrash unit The Accused have premiered a sleazy, violent new video featuring their monstrous mascot Martha Splatterhead. "Hemline (A Waste of Skin)" depicts the continuing murderous escapades of the sadistic undead hell-bitch, who comes off like a cross between a big-haired female Leatherface and Dr. Freudstein from Fulci's House by the Cemetery. Hit the jump and enjoy the gory goodness!

The Accused have been dealing their brand of horror-themed thrash since the early '80s, and their ties to the genre continue to strengthen: just last fall, their track "Pounding Nails" could be heard in Namco Bandai's revamped videogame classic Splatterhouse, a game whose hulking mutant anti-hero would probably get along just fine with the machete-wielding Martha.

Designed by guitarist Tom Niemeyer, the vengeful, razor-toothed Ms. Splatterhead (sort of a female counterpart to Iron Maiden's Eddie) appears on most of the band's album covers and promo art, and is the subject of their most recent release The Curse of Martha Splatterhead, in which the character continues her mission to rid the world of sexual predators by any means necessary (the band describes her as "a wholesale scumbag removal service"). That storyline plays out graphically in "Hemline," described by the band as "a mini-splatter epic."

Okay, we've reached our daily quota for writing the word "splatter"... at least in this article, anyway. Roll the clip already!