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News Article

Adam Green Updates us on 'Frozen' and 'Hatchet 2' Status


During the panel for Paul Solet's Grace at Fango WOH,  producer Adam Green offered updates on two of his upcoming projects.

When asked about Frozen, Adam says 'We got back almost 2 weeks ago, so we just started editing last week. The movie's about 3 skiers who get left behind on a chairlift and forgotten. I was the maniac with the bright idea to shoot the whole thing for real and shoot it practically. We shot at 10,000 feet on top of a mountain in Utah. It was 65 mph winds at -30. It was the most brutal shoot anyone's been on, I think the crew was calling it Apocalypse Now minus the drug use and nervous breakdowns. It's phenomenal that the actors were wiling to do it because they really went through it. It's painful to watch the editors keep taking breaks and feeling really uncomfortable. We're kind of enjoying that people are saying, it's only three people on a chair why would I want to watch that? Keep saying that and we'll surprise you. The next one is an outer space movie, all practical no fucking green screen, screw that shit!

On Hatchet 2 Green tells us; 'Hatchet 2 is happening. It's most likely shooting next winter just don't know what my involvement is going to be yet'.