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Al Jourgensen Releases Christmas Single

If you asked me which artists would be the least likely to turn out a Christmas-themed single at any stage of their career, I would have to say that industrial-metal pioneer and Ministry creator Al Jourgensen would be fairly high on that list. But then again, this is the same cat who once pulled off an ultra-sleazy industrial cover of Rod Stewart's D'Ya Think I'm Sexy, so I really shouldn't be surprised. Anyway, Jourgensen recently teamed up with Mission UK guitarist Mark Thwaite for the single It's Always Christmas Time, and now it's available as a limited-edition CD. Hit the jump and find out how Uncle Al can stuff your stocking this year...

It's Always Christmas Time – one of several Jourgensen/Thwaite projects in the works – was created as a tribute to mutual friend Paul Raven, the legendary Killing Joke bassist who passed away in 2007. The song originally premiered on The Mancow Show last month, and now it's being packaged as an exclusive limited edition CD through Al's own label, 13th Planet Records. The b-side is a “Christmas Mix” of the cover song What a Wonderful World, which closed the final shows of Ministry's farewell tour and graced the end-credits sequence of sex 'n' gore flick Wicked Lake.

The limited edition CDs are all signed by Al himself, and feature several free gifts including a copy of Ministry remix album The Last Dubber. Head over to the 13th Planet store to order a copy soon, so you can sneak it into your family's holiday playlist this year.