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Alice Dies a Thousand Deaths on New Tour!

Alice Cooper is putting a new twist his notorious stage production for his new North American 'Theatre of Death' tour. In a recent interview with Billboard magazine, the shock-rock god explained how the new approach would be “totally upside down and backwards,” and that it would feature a record number of his infamous onstage “deaths.” Read on for all the dirty details!

Cooper told the magazine that the new stage production would be a celebration of his band's bizarre performing history. “There's no moral to it,” he explained. “It really is just sort of a celebration of different phases of Alice.”

He went on to describe the main 'Theatre of Death' concept as the brainchild of production designer Robert Jess Roth (the man behind the stage version of Disney's Beauty and the Beast), who wanted to divide the story into four separate acts, including “Alice the delinquent” and “Alice in hell.” At the end of each act, Cooper would get dramatically offed onstage, and the next Alice persona would take over.

"He showed me the set list and the ideas and we started talking about what deaths would be good, this and that, and the show just stared forming,” Alice continued. “All of a sudden we had this elaborate show, new lights and props and costumes and everything, and I really liked it.”

Another twist in the tale is the placement of his traditional encore number “School's Out” at the beginning of the show, which he says is intended to disorient the fans. “People are going, 'What? You don't kill Alice in the first five songs. What's gonna happen?!' To me it's really exciting to do a new show that works like this. And it's more rockin', this show, than the last show. There's more hard rock songs in a row.”

Cooper also told Billboard that the 'Theatre of Death' tour would be filmed and recorded, so look for news of an upcoming CD and DVD in the near future. He's also well into the recording process for his next album: “I've got three or four songs written for it,” he said. This time he's created a new persona with the intent of taking the music in a very new direction... including a “surprising” choice of producer. He hopes to complete work on the record early next year.