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News Article

Amazing Comic Con Exclusive Jason Voorhees - 1989 Video Game-Style


Figures modeled after video game characters are nothing new. Figures modeled after video games that are almost a quarter of a century old? Now that is interesting.

As we reported last month, NECA is releasing a Comic Con-exclusive Jason Voorhees toy modeled after the 1989 Friday the 13th video game. But now we have a look at the box art, which is an exact replica of the box that the 8-bit game came in. They even got the wear-and-tear marks on the box edge. Plus, we have a couple new images to show you, including Jason without his mask, and Jason glowing in the dark.

Friday the 13th is popping up a lot in the news lately. Just yesterday we reported on Warner Bros. relinquishing their stake in the Friday the 13th franchise to Paramount, which led me to immediately theorize that we will have a new Friday the 13th movie and a massive blu-ray box set to look forward to.