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News Article

Anchor Bay Collection Gives Life to Re-Animator

Anxious about the March 20th DVD release of Re-Animator and launch of the Anchor Bay Collection? Take a peek at the limited edition Re-Animator DVD on FEARnet!

Only 50,000 copies of the limited edition DVD with tons of bonus features will be sold for about $25. Take a first look at the Collectible Re-Animator highlighter and packaging of the 2-disc DVD.

The Anchor Bay Collection Re-Animator DVD will be presented in a widescreen format with remastered sound and include two audio commentaries, a feature length making of documentary “Re-Animator Resurrectus”, new video interviews with cast and crew, deleted and extended scenes, trailers, TV spots, still galleries, H.P. Lovecraft’s short story and screenplay adaptation, behind the scenes footage, and of course the collectible Re-Animator highlighter.

Re-Animator, “Master of Horror” Stuart Gordon’s cult classic, is the first of the DVD releases of many horror classics remastered for the Anchor Bay Collection.

Gordon’s 1985 release was embraced by fans immediately and quickly became a favorite on many genre fan’s lists.

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