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And Now An Important Message From Director Ti West on Piracy

We interrupt our regularly scheduled gore and grue for an important message from director Ti West. With his most recent film, The Innkeepers, premiering on VOD last week and hitting theaters February 3rd, West implores cinema fans: please don't pirate my movie. Please don't pirate any movies. He's not being greedy; he is being hopeful. Read why after the jump.

On his website, Ti West posted an open letter to fans and moviegoers alike, begging them to pay for The Innkeepers and movies like it. Not to support himself (he likely won't make a dime off the film once it is released) but to support indie films in general.

From West's site: Every time you purchase something you are making a statement. You are creating physical evidence that something has value. If something has a high value, then it becomes in high demand. So if you make a concerted effort to support lesser-known, interesting and esoteric things (Art?) then you are helping make those lesser-known things more popular. I'm sure we can all agree that there are incredible movies made every year that never get the attention they deserve - That's not the movies' fault. That is our collective fault for not being proactive enough to GO OUT OF OUR WAY to support them.

He makes a good point, no? To read the letter in its entirety, visit West's website,