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Another Actor Joins 'American Horror Story: Coven'


Danny HustonYou'd think that once a show is a few weeks into shooting, the cast would be pretty much set. Not so with American Horror Story: Coven, which continues to add actors to its enormous cast.

The newest addition is Danny Huston, a writer / director / actor with a long list of credits. Among those that FEARnet readers would likely be most familiar with: Hitchcock, Clash of the Titans, and 30 Days of Night. Huston will play the "sexy" and "dangerous" boyfriend to Jessica Lange's grand dame witch, Fiona.

American Horror Story: Coven is set in New Orleans and revolves around witches. In addition to Lange's "supreme witch" Fiona, the cast includes Kathy Bates as historical socialite and serial murderer Madame LaLaurie and Angela Bassett as voodoo priestess Marie Laveau. The season is said to cover 300 years of witchcraft history, and modern witches who are fighting against extinction. The season premieres October 9th on FX. 

Source: Hollywood Reporter