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Arrrgh! Monsters in Fashion!


Paris art gallery La Gaite Lyrique currently has an exhibit running through April 7th called "Arrrgh! Monsters in Fashion!" As a follow-up to the gallery's 2011 show, Pictoplasma, Arrrrgh! features 58 designers and 80 looks that are all monsters in one way or another. It is doubtful that any of these outfits would actually scare someone (unless you wore it to your cousin's Bar Mitzvah) but it is nice that monsters are getting their due.

From the website: "Do you dare to mix with these monsters? The strange, the unnerving, the seductive or pop? Rub shoulders with around eighty creatures, who'll be spilling down off the catwalk with one desire: to get to know you better. ARRRGH! questions our conceptions of beauty and identity. Freed from all constraints, the creators are pushing the boat out to present their most avant-gardist work, disolving the barriers between costume and clothing design."

Enough jibber-jabber. You want to see the pictures.

Photos from Vintage Traffic

Arrrgh! Monsters in Fashion runs at La Gaite Lyrique in Paris now through April 7th, 2013. In addition to the exhibit, guided tours, workshops, and children's activities are also planned to tie in with the show.