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Art Project Turns the Mona Lisa into Horror Icons


Mona Lisa Jason Voorhees

Launched way back in October of 2012, the Gioconda Project gave artists from around the world the opportunity to redesign and put their own unique spin on Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa, which is of course one of the most iconic and well known pieces of art ever created. The submission period was open for exactly one year, and the artwork will be shown off at UK's W3 Gallery, later this month.

Mona Lisa Carrie

Orlando Arocena, who whipped up an incredibly cool Toxic Avenger piece for Bottleneck Gallery's tribute to 1984, decided to take a crack at the Gioconda Project, turning the beloved Mona Lisa into three of his favorite horror movie villains. Dubbed 'The Three Fates of Mona,' the vector illustrations mash the famous painting up with the likes of Carrie White, Jason Voorhees and Hellraiser's Chatterer, and you'll find more images of them over on Behance.

Hellraiser Chatterer

For more information about the Gioconda Project exhibit, which kicks off February 25th, head over to the W3 Gallery website.