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Artist Adds Horror Icons to Thrift Store Paintings


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Last month, we introduced you to an artist who buys boring paintings from local thrift stores, and spices them up by painting giant monsters into the scenery.  It's just the sort of thing we love here on FEARnet, and we were happy to recently discover that Chris McMahon isn't the only one who's giving dull artwork a horrific second life.  So too is Hollie Paris, a Montana-based artist that believes "pretty art can suck it."  And so, she takes the kind of art that our grandparents have displayed in their homes, and turns it into art WE would be proud to have displayed in ours.

Much like Chris, Hollie finds inspiration at her local thrift shops, scooping up the pieces of art that most people pass by without a second glance.  Once home, it's time for the makeovers to begin, and Hollie can often be found painting iconic horror villains and various other monsters over top of the thrift store art - making pretty things ugly and beautiful things scary.  In one of her unique mash-up paintings, Leatherface stalks a young child, and in another, Jason chills in the woods with a racoon.

Check out some of Hollie's artwork below, and see more over in her Etsy shop, where you can also purchase prints!

Jason Voorhees