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Ashley Laurence Rocks as 'The Unholy Manipulator'


Ashley Laurence, an icon to horror fans everywhere as Kirsty in the first three Hellraiser films, recently made her mark in the world of music by appearing (along with fellow genre legend Malcolm McDowell) in a long-form music video for Slipknot's ballad "Snuff." This year, Ashley is doing another music/film crossover project, taking on the title role in the horror short The Unholy Manipulator – a visual companion to the debut EP of the same name from up-and-coming metallers Product of Hate. We've got more details on the flipside, including production stills and the first trailer for the film... so hit the jump and take a look!

Directed by James Zahn and produced by horror FX legend Robert Kurtzman, the 11-minute short asks the questions "Are you a product of hate?" and "What defines reality?" through the story of a pushy video store customer (Tim Lovelace) whose actions set off a bizarre series of events – including a violent encounter with Laurence (who portrays an ass-kicking horror star) and the members of the band, who perform their EP's title track as well as the song " Blood Coated Concrete."

Kurtzman's award-winning special effects team Creature Corps also created the makeup effects for the film; their music video credits include the Lovecraftian nightmare visions of "Transformation Within Fictional Mutation" for extreme metal band Dawn Of Ashes, which made our Best of 2010 list for "Sickest Music Video."

Wisconsin-based groove/thrash metallers Product Of Hate have shared the stage with heavy hitters like GWAR, Lamb of God, Testament and Meshuggah, and their EP The Unholy Manipulator is now available on iTunes, Amazon and other digital vendors. The band is also at work on a full-length album.

Look for the complete film (plus a behind-the-scenes featurette) to premiere very soon... but for now, be sure to check out this teaser: