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News Article

Atreyu Launch New Video & Zombie Shooter

In the run-up to Halloween, and the upcoming release of their new album, dark metallers Atreyu are offering fans plenty of treats: they've recently posted the new video for the first single, and followed that shortly after with the launch of an online first-person shooter entitled Metalhead Zombies. Of course, there's even more to be gained than banging your head while splattering the undead... but you gotta read below to find out more!

Based on the classic Call of Duty video game, Metalhead Zombies pits the player against the expected zombie hordes closing in from all sides. But if you're adept enough to reach level six, you can unlock the secret track Gallows from Atreyu's forthcoming album Congregation of the Damned, which is slated for release next Tuesday.

The band have declared that the new material is darker and heavier than anything they've done in their decade-long career, and you can witness the darkness firsthand during their fall tour with Hollywood Undead, underway right now. Check the band's MySpace to see if they're headed to your neck of the woods.

You can play the game at the official Metalhead Zombies site, but before you go, be sure to viddy Storm to Pass right here!