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Behind-the-Scenes Photos of 'Basket Case', 'Brain Damage', 'Frankenhooker'


Frank Henenlotter is one of a kind. With a totally ridiculous filmography that includes Brain Damage, Frankenhooker, and Basket Case, Henenlotter clearly delights in all things raunchy, rude, and campy. In his films body parts take on a life of their own, dead prostitutes become re-animated, and parasites take over people’s brains. (named after the hotel in Basket Case) is dedicated to the work of Frank Henenlotter and includes exhaustive coverage of his films with behind-the-scenes photos, trivia, filming locations, and scripts. Below are a few amazing behind-the-scenes photos from his films, but there are many, many more on the site.

Brain Damage Elmer Attacks


Brain Damage Head Poppin

basket Case

Basket Case Strike a Pose

Basket Case Bloody Mess

Frankenhooker Bad Attitude

Frankenhooker Body Parts