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News Article

Behold Metallica's "Nightmare" Zombie Apocalypse!


Metallica premiered the new video for “All Nightmare Long” from Death Magnetic on their website this week, and it’s packed with all the tasty treats we love down here in FEARnet’s music catacombs… namely alien parasites, zombie mayhem, giant robots and reanimated steak.

Wait a second… reanimated steak? Did I just see that?

The nine-minute-plus epic takes its theme from the infamous explosion of 1908 in Tunguska, Siberia – an event which has inspired theories ranging from the presence of a tiny black hole to a UFO crash-landing. The video takes it from there, with the concept of an alien spore discovered and nurtured by Soviet scientists to become… well, just check it out below and prepare to be creeped out of yer skull by some seriously cool retro-zombie action: