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Beware 'The Curse of the Care Were!'


Today's Freakysh!t Find is brought to you by the color pink. And by sunshine and rainbows and puffy little clouds and... werewolves? It'll all make sense after the jump, when you discover "The Curse of the Care Were!"

The above image requires little explanation to those of us who grew up in the '80s with the insufferable little creatures known as Care Bears. Since I Ioves me some werewolves, this image generates some conflicted feelings in me. Kind of like the feelings created by Bugs Bunny when he would dress up as a girl bunny... Anyway, you can buy the above image on a new t-shirt from Threadless, entitled "The Curse of the Care Were!" Check it out here. And thanks to Topless Robot for bringing this to my attention. Now what I'd like to see is a werewolf tearing a Care Bear's throat out. Maybe the next tee, Threadless?