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News Article

Bidding War Ensues for New Eli Roth Flick

Only four weeks into production, and it seems a bidding war has erupted over a new film co-written and starring Eli Roth. The film is the English-language debut from Chilean director Nicolas Lopez. The film, currently titled Aftershock, is based on Lopez's experiences during the 2010 Chilean earthquake that hit an 8.8 on the Richter scale. Multiple distribution outlets - including Weinstein and Relativity - are after the rights to the flick. More after the jump.

"I've been a huge fan of Nicolas Lopez since his remarkable debut Promedio Rojo and have watched him grow into one of the best young filmmakers out there," Roth said. "He has the incredible combination of commercial sensibility with an artistic eye, and what he has done here in Chile with their film industry is revolutionary. This collaboration marks the beginning of what we call Chilewood, making genre films for the global market using all the resources Chile has to offer. We are making a smart elevated disaster genre movie with superb production value, something really big. The film's going to be very scary, very intense, and very real."