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News Article

Bill Murray Signs on for 'Ghostbusters 3' After All


Looks like Bill Murray really ain't afraid of no ghost! The Oscar-winning actor, who had long refused to participate in a third Ghostbusters film due to dissatisfaction with the script's many drafts, has apparently agreed to the project at last. The reason? A new draft by prolific horror-comedy scribe Seth Grahame-Smith, who already has two highly anticipated films due out soon: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (for which he adapted his own novel) and Tim Burton's Dark Shadows (based on the cult-favorite '70s horror soap opera). Grahame-Smith was already developing a sequel to another spooky '80s laughfest, Burton's Beetlejuice, so it makes sense on the part of Ghostbusters creators Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis to enlist his services. Hit the jump for more juicy details.

The news came straight from Aykroyd, who was heard to say that "Billy is now Mayor Venkman" while at his House of Blues in Chicago. Obscure? Maybe. But what other meaning could the words "Billy" and "Venkman" have when used in the same sentence? Maybe that was how Aykroyd finally got Bill to sign on: a smaller role in a position of power. Will he take up the trap, stick, and proton pack? Keep checking back with us, folks. We'll keep you posted on this story as it develops but only through April Fool's day.