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News Article

'Black Lagoon' Rock Show Moving Forward!

Yeah, it seems nowadays like just about every classic horror subject is fodder for either a remake or a musical… and since the former never seems to take hold with the venerable Creature from the Black Lagoon, it looks now like it’s going to be the latter. Admittedly this isn’t a new story, as Universal has been planning it for a while now, but now, according to Universal, Creature from the Black Lagoon: A Raging Rockin’ Show has now been officially greenlit by the studio to become a live production this summer.

Whoa dude, don’t look at me, I just report this stuff!

According to the studio, the Gill Man will hit the stage on July 1st for a Rock ‘n’ Roll adaptation of the original tale, featuring “an all-original score, acrobatic choreography and dazzling Broadway-level production values thanks to an award-winning theatrical production team.”

Other details revealed that the sets would include a large-scale (18’) recreation of the ship Rita from the film, and unless I’m reading it wrong Universal states that the creature would measure 25 feet… wait, what? No way, I’m counting on that being a misprint. At least the official poster would seem to indicate that the creature is rather large, but otherwise relatively human-sized. But then there’s the whole matter of his neo-hipster dreadlocks… nah, I’m just not gonna go there. It’s been a long week.