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Boglins Get Reborn in the Form of New Toy Line The Ugglys



Though I’m now 27 years old, I admit that I still have a hard time passing by Toys R Us without stopping in and checking to see if any exciting new toys are lining the shelves.  And in the last couple years I’ve noticed an unexpected resurgence in the gross-out toy, an 80s staple that included lines like Madballs and the Garbage Pail Kids.  It was all about being gross in the 80s, and lines such as these totally reveled in the slime and monsters that young boys like myself loved so much in our youth.

Not only have a few of those properties been revived in recent years, like the aforementioned Garbage Pail Kids, but a whole new batch of gross 80s inspired toys have also been recently introduced.  Lines like The Trash Pack and Stinky Little Trash Monsters harken back to the days when toys were a bit more disgusting, tapping into that same grossness that was so prevalent in the 80s.  Not only do toys like those help make me feel like a kid again, but they also make me very happy for the monster loving kids of today, who are getting to experience a slice of that gross-out heaven that many of us so fondly look back on.

You may remember a couple months back that I wrote up a post here on FEARnet about ten past toy lines that I’d love to see make their return to shelves, and two of the toys on that list were Boglins and Madballs – two of my very favorite toy lines of all time.  My hope has been that this resurgence in the gross-out/monster trend would continue, and that those squishy balls and rubber hand puppets would be brought back, for a whole new generation to fall in love with.

I wouldn’t exactly say my prayers have been answered, but a trip into my local Toys R Us this past weekend introduced me to a brand spankin’ new toy ripped straight out of the 80s, with clear influence from both the Boglins and the Madballs.  I present to you… THE UGGLYS!

Coming to us from Australian based company Moose Enterprise, the same company that brought us The Trash pack, The Ugglys are interactive rubber hand puppets depicting slimy, rabies infested pugs.  Available in three different colors – brown, beige and grey – The Ugglys electronically come to life through the magic of a battery pack, letting out over 30 disgusting sounds like burps and farts.  Your hand movements are what dictate which sounds come out of your gross best friend; opening his mouth makes him burp, while scrunching him up makes him fart.  Their collars are even fitted with special dials, allowing you to modulate the pitch of each of the sounds.

Just like a real pet, each slime-covered pug comes with its own adoption certificate and will even fall asleep when you’re not paying attention to him, letting out a snore that you can only stop by waking him up and playing with him again.  And when I say waking him up, I mean sticking your hand up his butt.  When I say playing with him, I mean forcing him to expel gas and gross out your friends and family.  Ah, like a true 80s toy!

I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes when I came across these in the store, as they’re basically Boglins reborn, fused together with the Madballs to create a toy that totally evokes the spirit of the 80s while at the same time being its own thing.  The design of the dogs is reminiscent of both lines while the rubber hand puppet aspect is of course clearly inspired by the Boglins.  Even the packaging and commercial (below) are unmistakably Boglins inspired!

The Ugglys are exclusive to Toys R Us and they’re available now, just in time for the Halloween season.  Toys R Us is predicting they’ll be one of the hottest new toys for the holidays this year, and I can only hope they’re right about that.  The success of one line of gross-out toys means more will be headed our way in the future, so here’s to hoping The Ugglys burp and fart their way into the hearts of kids the world over, this coming holiday season.

You can learn more about these putrid pets over on the official Ugglys website!