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'Brütal Legend' Soundtrack is Too Much Metal for One Hand

The voice cast for Doubefine/EA’s upcoming Brütal Legend has already become the stuff of legend, bringing together metal heavyweights like Ozzy Osbourne, Lita Ford, Lemmy Kilmister, and Rob Halford.  However, surprisingly little has been revealed about the soundtrack, except for what we’ve heard in the trailers…until now!  More on the soundtrack (as well as the greatest quote ever) after the break!

Apparently leaked out on one of EA’s European sites, the full song list has been confirmed by Doublefine president Tim Schafer and the GameDaily crew.  "This soundtrack took years to put together as we wanted to represent every genre of Metal, and also have the perfect music for every epic moment in the game," commented Schafer.  "It's designed to be loved by Metal fans, and for those who are not, it will either convert them or make their heads explode ... or both."

Feeling a bit more terse, Doubefine’s Music Director Emily Ridgeway just had this to say: "What can I say?  It's metal. It's the best. It'll kick your f***ing teeth in."

I now want to marry this woman.

All kidding aside, the soundtrack is an impressive lineup, ranging from mainstream metal (Dokken, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath) to industrial (KMFDM, Ministry) to some surprisingly obscure choices (Emperor, Cloven Hoof, Bishop of Hexen).  Aside from a shocking lack of some genre staples (no Cannibal Corpse?  Really?) there’s a lot to love in the over 100(!) tracks picked for the game.

Be sure to check out the whole listing over at GameDaily.

Brütal Legend is due Rocktober 13th for Xbox 360 and PS3.