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Breaking! First Hints of 'Walking Dead' Season 2!


The Walking Dead crew - like many of their ilk - are tight-lipped about any upcoming secrets. But at tonight's panel at Paleyfest in Los Angeles, more than a little was inferred about season two.  Read on after the jump...

Will Michael Rooker's character, Merle, be back?  Exec producer Frank Darabont promises that they are "investigating possibilities," while show producer and comic creator Robert Kirkman followed up with, "lots of possibilities."  The one thing Darabont promised is that Merle will not return as governor.  But it seems pretty safe to assume Merle will return.

What about Lori ending up pregnant?  Frank is mysterious: "Maybe."  Robert is only slightly less so.  "Women on all the AMC shows are pregnant.  Mad Men?  Pregnant.  Breaking Bad? Pregnant.  I'm just saying...."  Personally, I am going to chalk that up in the "more than likely" column.

Anything else?  Darabont seems to insinuate that they will end up doing the comic book's prison setting this season.  "It's too cool not to do."

Stay tuned for complete Paleyfest coverage!