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News Article

Calling All Vampires!


Exciting news just came down from the creators of Goth-fest Dracula's Ball: they've just announced a new partnership with Comcast to produce an in-depth documentary series about the world of real-life vampires... or at least the undead-at-heart. The series of “mini-episodes” will examine vamps from every aspect of the scene – from casual dabblers who come to the Ball for the spooky tunes (and free booze), to the hardcore 24/7 lifestyle types.

After taking pains to assure that the filmmakers weren't stooping to cheesy reality-show exploitation, event founders entered into a creative partnership with the show's producers in an effort to tell genuine, undistorted stories from the vampire subculture. “We've met personally with the people in charge of the project on several occasions and we have been impressed by their integrity and vision,” report the Ball promoters on their MySpace blog. “They want us to tell our story... or, I should say, our stories.”

With this in mind, the promoters have announced an informal casting call of sorts, inviting vamps 21 or over to take the opportunity to discuss their involvement in the scene. “The film company is naturally interested in stories that will make for interesting viewing,” the promoters explain on their site. “If you don't believe that vampires are real but you've loved them since you were a kid and collect all kinds of vampire stuff, that could be an interesting story. If you are so into vampires that you had your honeymoon in Transylvania, that's an interesting story. If you're a middle-aged soccer mom who goes to a PTA meeting on Friday night and then Dracula's Ball on a Saturday night, that's an interesting story... but of course, if you are a vampire, that's really an interesting story.”

Those interested are encouraged to send the promoters a message at their MySpace and share their tales of nocturnal bloodlust... so put down that dog-eared copy of Twilight and get over there!