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Celebrate Hitchcock's 113th Birthday with 13 Nights of Hitchcock Movies


Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock, The Master of Suspense, turns 113 this year, and with the kind of serendipity that's an entertainment publicist's dream, his birthday falls on August 13th. That's why Starz has announced it will broadcast a different Hitchcock film every night, for thirteen nights, starting on the 13th. Each film will be followed by an episode of Hitch's classic anthology TV series Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Check out the schedule of films in the press release below.

The Master of Suspense – Sir Alfred Hitchcock – would be turning 113 on August 13, 2012, and ENCORE SUPENSE will celebrate his birthday by showcasing his classic films, for 13 nights. Beginning August 1, a different Alfred Hitchcock thriller will air nightly at 8pm ET/PT.

The frightening festivities conclude on August 13 with two of Hitchcock’s most spellbinding films, Vertigo and Psycho. Each film will be followed by a different, hour-long episode of “The Alfred Hitchcock Hour,” a collection of classic mystery vignettes presented by Hitchcock himself.

“Hitchcock’s 113th Birthday Celebration” includes feature presentations of the following films beginning at 8pm et/pt, each night. Films will then be followed by a different episode of “The Alfred Hitchcock Hour”:

August 1         Saboteur

August 2         Shadow of a Doubt

August 3         Rope

August 4         Rear Window

August 5         The Trouble With Harry

August 6         The Man Who Knew Too Much

August 7         The Birds

August 8         Marnie

August 9         Torn Curtain

August 10       Topaz

August 11       Frenzy

August 12       Family Plot

August 13       Vertigo; followed by Psycho