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Celldweller's BLACKSTAR is Rising!


In an exclusive FEARnet interview last December, we talked to genre cinema's secret musical weapon: the prolific composer who goes by the name of “Klayton,” and whose beat-heavy electronic rock tracks have made their way into feature films, trailers, TV shows, games and more – despite having released only one full-length album since he formed the one-man show Celldweller a decade ago.

Klayton also revealed to us that the long-delayed follow-up to his self-titled debut CD would be released this year. Well, not only does that album finally have a title – Wish Upon a Blackstar – but it's finally about to be see the light (so to speak), and that's not even the most intriguing part. For that, you'll have to click the title and read on...

What's interesting is that Klayton is not releasing all the tracks from Blackstar at once, but has scheduled a staged release of the music in the form of five chapters, at two songs each. He explained the reason for this approach on his official “Klog”:

"Waiting years for a full album is cool and all, but times have changed," he writes. "I had some specific reasons I was planning on releasing [Blackstar] as a full body of work, but I abandoned that a long time ago when I embraced just how much work I've created for myself with this album. I just don't totally feel right about releasing 1 song at a time for this album but I have no intentions of waiting 'til I'm done with the whole thing either."

For this project, Klayton has once again called on the talents of artist Sam Hayles – who did the breathtaking cover art for instrumental release Soundtrack to the Voices in My Head, Volume 1 – to create an original piece of art for each of the five installments, with the fifth and final chapter reserved for the physical CD.

The first chapter, comprised of tracks So Long Sentiment and Louder Than Words, will be available soon via Klayton's own label FIXT Music.