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Chat with Neil Gaiman about 'Coraline'!


For those of you bursting your buttons with anticipation for the February release of director Henry Selick's stop-motion-animated adaptation of Neil Gaiman's Coraline, HarperCollins has a way to sew those buttons back on (but not, as Coraline's "other mother" would, into your eye sockets). The publisher of the original award-winning novel, HarperCollins will -- on its on-line radio show Authors on Air: The Beyond -- be hosting a call-in chat with Gaiman and Stephen Jones, the author of Coraline: A Visual Companion, the new book examing the film's creation. (Jones is a celebrated dark fantasist in his own right, having edited countless award-winning anthologies. And he's a longtime collaborator of Gaiman's, having co-edited with him the very funny and gruesome Now We Are Sick: An Anthology of Nasty Verse.)

The show will take place on Thursday, January 15, at 1:00 PM EST. The early buzz on the film has been incredibly positive. And Gaiman's known for being a very funny and insightful live interview. So take this oppotunity to find out what the main man behind Coraline thinks of the film.