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News Article

Check Out 'Friday the 13th: The Ultimate Compilation'

This week sees the release of Friday the 13th: The Ultimate Compilation, featuring music from the first six Friday the 13th films, compiled by composer Harry Manfredini. More info, and an exclusive video interview with director-producer Sean Cunningham and composer Harry Manfredini about the release, after the jump.

Here's what Manfredini has to say about the eleven-track CD release: "I am so excited about the new CD available for download through Lionsgate Records and I have put together some of the most requested excerpts from the first six of the Friday the 13th scores. The collection includes the ‘Diner Song' which is probably the most requested of all! Thanks for your support. Enjoy!"

Friday the 13th: The Ultimate Compilation is now available for $9.99 on iTunes