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Check Out Slayer's AOL Sessions Set


If you just can't bear the thought of missing Slayer's performance as part of the thrash “Big Four” at Sonisphere this month... or you can't handle waiting until later this summer to see them during the North American “Carnage” tour... you can at least get a taste of the metal gods as they geared up for their return to onstage action with some new and classic cuts from an earlier set on AOL Sessions. We've posted a couple of excerpts from that appearance below the jump, with a blood-red cherry on top in the form of a teaser for the upcoming World Painted Blood video... so metal up and get some!

“When Slayer stopped by our Los Angeles offices,” reported the crew of AOL Noisecreep, “we weren't really sure what to expect.” When the session was taped, frontman Tom Araya was still recovering from the back surgery that had prevented the band from going on the road until this summer... but their worries were blown away when the band arrived “in fighting form” to deliver a tight, blistering set that combined classic cuts with new songs from last year's acclaimed release World Painted Blood... including the title track:

“If any of the lucky few who were there to witness the band's Sessions appearance doubted if Araya and his bandmates were ready for the stage – they were quickly schooled,” Noisecreep reported. “Slayer took command of the day, playing songs that touched on every period of their discography with masterful precision.” If this is how Tom rolls when he's still recuperating, imagine what he'll be like firing on all cylinders. Here's a medley of classics Chemical Warfare and Raining Blood...

...and to top things off, here's a little taste of the twisted video for the title track from World Painted Blood, coming out soon: