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Chilling! 'South of Sanity' Is First Horror Movie Filmed in Antarctica


When British documentary filmmaker Kirk Watson wasn’t leading scientists from the British Antarctic Survey across glaciers and on climbs, he was writing and directing a horror movie.

Cast entirely of scientists and engineers working with Watson and shot during a Southern winter, South of Sanity focuses on 14 people who disappear while at working at an Antarctic research base. A rescue team finds footage and the story unfolds from there.

The story is reminiscent of The Thing, but South of Sanity's budget was far more shoestring than Carpenter's 1982 classic. Watson used a kid’s face painting set for makeup and a concoction of food colouring, white flour and syrup for blood.

"So our actors suffered a bit in the cold as we had people sitting outside for ages, or playing dead people lying in the snow. It became a bit tricky with the 'dead people' as they shivered, so they were carefully edited to get rid of the movement," Watson told BBC. "We had several actors with mild hypothermia during the filming. The good thing was they had lived there for a year, so were pretty used to it."

Watch the trailer here. South of Sanity is available on Amazon, Flixscene and Perfect View Productions Halloween 2012.

via BBC News