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News Article

Christmas Tree Spreads Holiday Fear in Hilarious Scare Prank


When you think about it, Christmas trees are the unsung victims of the holiday season.  Every year, we head out with our axes and saws, cut them down, separate them from their families, and then put their decaying corpses into our living rooms - where we proceed to wrap them in lights and hang weird decorations on them.  Once the 25th has come and gone, and we no longer have a use for them, we toss their bodies onto the curb and wait for the garbage man to haul them away.

Of course, I'm being a little overly dramatic here, but Christmas trees have feelings too, ya know!

This year, thanks to the clever media department of Texas' Kilgore High School (yes, the name of the school is kill-gore), one lucky Christmas tree was given the chance to have a little fun of his own, at the expense of the humans who have for so many years been having fun at the expense of his relatives.

In this fun holiday scare prank, which comes our way courtesy of Break, a student was dressed up as a Christmas tree, which staff members were asked to stand next to, and tell their favorite Christmas memories.  With the cameras rolling, hilarity ensued.

Enjoy a compilation of the best reactions below!