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Collide's New Album Poised for Halloween Release

It's always a pleasure to hear of new musical offerings from the sexy, sinister and surreal duo Collide, whose sound often crosses musical boundaries from electro-infused darkwave to trance-pop to guitar-heavy industrial and beyond, and whose tracks have made their way into genre films and series like Harper's Island and Resident Evil: Extinction. The team of KaRIN and Statik announced a few tempting details on their blog today about their forthcoming album, and you can check 'em out below...

After nearly a year, the band broke the silence about the new project yesterday on their official MySpace, declaring that the new CD is 'getting soooo close to being done now,' with the ideal release date falling around Halloween. It turns out they've been working an all-covers album this time, which for a less interesting band might seem like an interim-type release, but knowing this team you should expect some pretty wild stuff.

As a little enticement to their fans, the band is running a contest over the next week or so, offering prizes to the five people who can come closest to guessing the ten songs that will be covered on the album. Entries should be emailed to their MySpace or Facebook pages, so that other fans can see the best guesses. They suggested that some clues may be forthcoming, but they're not promising anything yet... so far they revealed only that two of the source songs will be from the same artist. But for now that's all you get.