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Commercial for Haunted Attraction Has Community Up In Arms


Slim's Chamber of Horrors

I don't know what it is about this Halloween season, but it seems that not a day has gone by this month without a news report breaking about irate citizens lashing out against good, clean Halloween fun.  We previously posted about cases from Oklahoma, New York and even the UK, all of which saw neighbors of Halloween lovers outraged over their harmless lawn decorations.  Now comes a story from my own backyard of Long Island, New York, which we've got the exclusive on here on FEARnet.

As promotion for Hauppauge, New York's Chamber of Horrors haunted attraction, which boasts a 'Trilogy of Fear' (three attractions in one), residents Will Puntarich and Sean King cut together a commercial for the event, which has been airing locally here on Long Island.  Taking inspiration from their favorite horror films, the 30-second commercial (below) assaults the senses with a bevy of horrifying images, in an effort to showcase the sights and sounds that guests to the attraction will experience.  "Our goal was to make a sick 80's horror film trailer for a haunted attraction," Will told me.  "I think we nailed it."

Based on the letters Will and Sean have been receiving since the commercial started airing, I'd have to say that they did indeed nail the vibe they were going for.  According to Will, not a day has gone by without at least one angry letter coming to his attention, mostly from mothers who claim their children were horrified by the commercial.  Apparently the commercial has for whatever reason been airing locally on the Cartoon Network - which was never the intention - and the letters include everything from legal threats to death threats, one mother calling it "grossly inappropriate" and others writing that the TV spot has reduced their children to tears, and scarred them for life.

When the cable company was reached for comment, they pledged their support for the ad, citing that they play commercials for all kinds of things that some may find offensive, including trailers for horror films like Carrie and "disgusting anti-smoking ads that show surgery on diseased organs." "They also reminded us that viewers are free to change the channel," said Roy Zeidman, owner of Paradise Advertising.

All press is good press, as they say, and I can't think of any better press for a haunted attraction than parents raising a stink about it.  Visit the Chamber of Horrors website to learn more about the event, which runs through Halloween night.  The fun also continues the first two days of November, with special lights out walkthroughs that are open to guests 18+.

Do you think the commercial is offensive or do people need to relax and realize that it's nothing more than good old fashioned Halloween fun?  Sound off below!