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Concept Trailer 'The Best There Ever Was' Tells Origin Story of Leatherface


Pretty much anything and everything that can be done with the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise has been done with it, over the years.  A handful of sequels to Tobe Hooper's 1974 classic have told stories of the further adventures of Leatherface and his twisted family, and the reboot button was hit on the franchise back in 2003 - a remake that got its own prequel a few years later.  Most recently, this year's Texas Chainsaw 3D disregarded the remake and its prequel and picked up directly after the events of Leatherface's original outing, adding yet another layer to one of the most bizarre cases in the annals of (fictional) American history.

So, what's next?  Well, one filmmaker/fan has taken it upon himself to head further back in time than any of the Chainsaw sequels/prequels have ever delved, putting together an impressive concept trailer for a film that chronicles Leatherface's childhood.  Titled The Best There Ever Was, the concept of the proposed film is that it's a prequel to the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, showing how the character of Grandpa Saywer helped turn Leatherface into the chainsaw-wielding monster we all know him to be.  It's a happier time in the Sawyer family's lives, back when Grandpa was able to stand on his own two feet and swing that hammer without a problem.

Check out Derek Cole's (An American Ghost Story) awesome concept trailer below!

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