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News Article

Cradle of Filth (and Filthy Friends) Invade the US!


Riding high on the diabolical success of their new album Godspeed on the Devil's Thunder, British metal icons Cradle of Filth have finally crossed the pond to trample American soil once again. Joining forces with their satanic brethren Satyricon – whose new album The Age of Nero arrived in the States last week – and the awesomely epic Greek symphonic-metal group Septicflesh (which also could be a good name for the virus I came down with recently), the self-proclaimed “world's stinkiest band” kicked off the US tour last week at New Jersey's Starland Ballroom.

Godspeed is still doing fairly well on the US charts, performing roughly the same as their previous release Thornography in 2004... and Satyricon hopes the tour will help them gain a strong following of their own in the States – Age of Nero is currently doing very well in Europe, but time will tell if it finds a similar foothold among American metalheads. Septicflesh's latest album Communion – their first since the band reunited in 2007 – is already generating raves for its epic sound, and they're an ideal fit for this tour.

Check out Cradle of Filth's official events page for the complete tour schedule.