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Cradle Of Filth Guitarist Talks Upcoming Albums

Paul Allender, lead axe-man for UK metal superstars Cradle Of Filth, offered up some interesting bits and bites about the band's upcoming album projects – including the untitled release that the band announced last month, and their symphonic project Midnight in the Labyrinth – during a recent interview with Ultimate Guitar magazine. We've got some choice details from that article on the flipside, so hit the jump and learn more about the band's diabolical plans for 2012...

According to our latest info, the follow-up to Cradle's 2010 concept album Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa (check out our review here) has a few songs past the demo stage: "The Abhorrent," "Siding with the Titans," and a still-untitled third track. In the Ultimate Guitar interview, Paul went into more detail about their progress, also revealing that the new material would not be a concept album like so many of its predecessors, but would recapture the feel of the band's earlier material.

"The new album has definitely, definitely gone back to what we used to be like for The Principle of Evil Made Flesh and Dusk and Her Embrace," Paul said. "We decided to change up the direction and go back to what we used to do with the female vocals like we used to have on there. All the strong melody lines and harmonies and that sort of shit. I've also put a lot of punk-orientated riffs back into it again. It's really gone quite dark and pretty hardcore."

Paul also talked about Midnight in the Labyrinth, the band's upcoming symphonic collection of classic Cradle songs – including "Summer Dying Fast,"  included on their interim EP Evermore Darkly. "[Keyboardist] Mark Newby-Robson arranged and did all the orchestration for the whole thing," Paul said, revealing that the project came partially from a multimedia concept he was working on with the band's manager. "The original idea was to actually have video with it as well... representing the music like you would in a silent film... but it was an absolute nightmare trying to find film sections that people would let us use or anything that was out of copyright infringement. So it just ended up as an album."

According to frontman Dani Filth, Midnight in the Labyrinth may be released around April 2012, and the new original album hopefully by Halloween. In the meantime, check out Paul's entire interview here...